There are over 12,000 child prostitutes in Uganda.


We provide training for young girls that can’t or won’t continue their education, with few options in life.  This program has the same discipleship in health and sanitation and business training as our Ranching program (see below). 

Under our vocational training, 10 young girls a year are given business training, discipleship, and health/sanitary training.

Our future vision is clothing manufacturing.  


Our vocational school program requires students to attend training 2 days per week for 24 months. Each day is broken down into four segments: discipleship, health/sanitation education, business classes, and working on the ranch to learn how to farm/care for the animals. Upon completion of the program, families are equipped with the tools necessary to overcome poverty and improve their livelihood for generations to come.

We will have between 40-80 couples a year that will be trained in animal husbandry and agriculture.