The Rakai district is believed to be the birthplace of HIV/AIDS. 700 Doctors left Uganda last year due to lack of medicine, poor facilities, and poor pay. Village women that need a cesarean delivery often die on the way to a hospital or because there is no way to get to the hospital that is an hour or more away.

In an effort to improve health care, we have built an 11,500 sq foot hospital in Bethleham with 4 surgical theaters, a maternity + delivery theater, and malnutrition wards.


meet geoffrey

Geoffrey (right, blue collared shirt)

Geoffrey (right, blue collared shirt)

When we first met Geoffrey, he was an orphan dying from severe malnutrition. He was in such poor health, he failed baby class his first year.

Now Geoffrey (right) is one of our top students. He is healthy + thriving because of the support we have received through our initiatives.  

Many lives continue to be positively impacted through access to our medical care.


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