While we have worked hard to improve living conditions for the poor,

our primary purpose is to impact the spiritual conditions of the people we interact with.


Kyotera and Bethleham Bible Churches were born from this desire to reach our communities and continue to grow and expand.

Since very few local pastors have any formal training, our immediate goal is to train associate pastors to become pastors and allow our churches to sponsor church planting. Our relationships with over 60 local pastors allow us to host pastors’ conferences at which the pastors are taught how to start small group Bible Studies and improve their preaching skills.

For the youth in the community, our churches and MCCS have partnered to create a soccer program. At each practice, a devotional is led by a coach during break time. All of the coaches are Believers and have the unique opportunity to build life-changing relationships with the kids through a popular past time. 

If you would like to partner with us in spreading the gospel to the people of Rakai tap the link below.