Our Mission:

Hope Given Here.

Coming alongside the people of Africa as they strive to lift themselves up out of their desperate situation.


our mission

To provide the hope that God promises to the poor through aid that goes beyond traditional means


Our Impact



water wells built

with the goal of drilling at least one well each month.



students enrolled in MCCS

if you are interested in sponsoring a student click here



square foot hospital built

and many lives continue to be positively impacted through our medical care.


Our Initiatives


master cares christian SCHOOL

Master Cares Christian School is a pre-k, primary, and high school. The school is specifically designed to train the leaders of the next generation with an eduction that has a Biblical worldview and is among the best in the country.

hospital/medical care

The Rakai district is believed to be the birthplace of HIV/AIDS. In an effort to improve health care, we have an 11,500 sq foot hospital in Bethleham with 4 surgical theaters and a maternity delivery theatre. 

vocational training

Our vocational program offers extensive training in agriculture/ranching for 40-80 couples each year as well as tailoring/sewing with the hope of bringing sustainable income to the people of Uganda.

water wells

Over 67% of Ugandans lack access to safe drinking water. Our desire and initiative is to build at least one well every month.

spiritual development

While we have worked hard to improve living conditions for the poor, our primary purpose is to impact the spiritual conditions of the people we interact with.


Get Involved


make a donation

Your generosity is directly impacting the lives of the Ugandans. Thank you for partnering with us to reach a nation for Christ.

visit uganda

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Change a life by giving an impoverished child access to an education and ensuring their basic needs are met.