In the country of Uganda, The Master Cares has set up a network of leaders who are anxious and willing to take up the cross, follow Jesus, and to do what it takes to rebuild their country. By giving the people the means by which they can rebuild and redevelop their homes we can partner with them to show them Jesus and truly transform communities and future generations to come.

Psalm 9:18 has become a proclamation for the ministries of The Master Cares – Africa: Never forget the needy, give them hope. Some time ago, the people of Uganda, Africa won our hearts, God laid out a plan for us to follow, and we did. Our vision is to transform communities spiritually, while helping to meet the physical needs of the people by providing a clear path for them to follow and the skills necessary for them to provide for themselves. Please consider joining us and catching our vision for the people of Uganda. Learn more by scrolling through these pages and Contact Us for more information. God bless you and may God bless the people of Uganda.

Your donation, whatever the amount, is an important part
of our collective effort to help those in our community.